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Since Civilization 4 (Civ4) is still considered the one and only Civ-Game of the series (Civilization 5 sucks i say), i regulary play it to, well, train strategy thinking and conquering the world. There are many great Mods for Civilization 4, ranging from minor tweaks to complete overhauls like e.g. the Dune (Arrakis) Mod.


One of the biggest Modpacks for Civ 4 is “Caveman2Cosmos”. This Modpack extends the Vanilla Civ 4 Beyond the Sword game by so many aspects, it can be called a realistic simulation of mankind. Indeed, great stuff!


I just lacks some documentation, especially for people like me, who do a custom game to set up winning conditions and mod parts. With a custom game, you don’t see the various Traits and their game machanics of the Leaders you choose.


So i took the efford to make some screenshots. In the gallery below, you can find a screen of all the Leaders in Civilization 4 with Caveman2Cosmos, just use your mousewheel the scroll through and choose.
With the Information visible, you can directly see what e.g. Aggressive, Barbaric, Imperalistic or all the other Trait mean strategicly. Also, the Leaderheads are inside, and the images are sorted by the civilizations, the Leaders belond to.


If you wanna try out this wonderful Mod, klick here:


Thanks to the makers of Caveman2Cosmos, i really appriciate your great work!


to all german readers: dieser Blog ist auf Englisch verfasst, da Civ IV Spieler natürlich nicht nur aus dem deutschspachigen Raum kommen. Kurz gesagt findet man heir in diesem Blogpost alle Anführer auf Civlization 4 – Caveman2Cosmos, um deren Eigenschaften (Traits) endlich mal wo aufgelistet zu haben. Ein kleines Handbuch quasi.

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