Civilization 4 BTS // Caveman2Cosmos Mod 3.2 // Leaderheads and Traits

In my opinion, Civilization 4 BTS (PC) is still the best version of this huge scale turn-based strategy game ever released. In Civilization, which saw its first installment back in 1990, the player (aka you) is the ruler of one of many nations, bringing up your tribe from ancient times to the modern space age.


Civilization 4 is also very modable, which means dedicated individuals from around the world are still expaning it by downloadable mods. One of these mods is called: Caveman2Cosmos.


In Caveman 2 Cosmos, Civilization is vastly expanded by many new technologies, units, wonders and also rulesets, which increase the realism and the complexity by many levels. Furthermor, Caveman2Cosmos introduces a whole new are, the stoneage with unique gather / hunter techs and a game mechanism for hunting. There has never been a more challenging and educational (remember, history rules, even if it is an alternate one) game available – and for those who don’t know Civilization, it is highly recommended to take a night or .. many and experience the development of mankind, from stoneage to spaceage.


LINK TO Caveman2Cosmos MOD Infos and Download:


As manual for a custom game start and documentation, i took screenshots of all the Leaderheads in Civ 4 Caveman2Cosmos which their according tooltip visible. Whenever you start a new custom game, you need to select your Leader, who has pros and cons in form of traits. Those define if e.g. a Leader is Industrious, Aggressive, Protective or Megalomanic, and also you can review from which culture a Nation derives from. This Manual is for the current Caveman2Cosmos Version 3.2, which was released in August 2013. You can find also the Leaderheads and Traits for the C2C 3.19 Version here:


The Gallery does support the Mousewheel, so happy scrolling!
And thanks to strategyfirst for developing this huge Modpack!


GERMAN: Dieser Blog ist auf Englisch verfasst, da Civ IV Spieler natürlich nicht nur aus dem deutschspachigen Raum kommen. Kurz gesagt findet man hier in diesem Blogpost alle Anführer auf Civilization 4 – Caveman2Cosmos, um deren Eigenschaften (Traits) endlich mal wo aufgelistet zu haben. Ein kleines Handbuch quasi.

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